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MAG-ic Probe Thickness Caliper

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MAG-ic Probe has been a trusted electronic thickness caliper used by many Luthier's and other craftsmen for more than 7 years. MAG-ic Probe allows you to measure thicknesses of materials in places where standard calipers cannot fit and also allows you to record your measurements to a computer picture of the instrument and even produce a color contour map.

How Does it work?

You can view more details by viewing the Users Manual HERE or Go to the Controllers page HERE 

 ALERT!! - MAG-ic Probe is designed to work with a computer running the free MAG-ic Probe Software to record measurements to a picture of your instrument or object. Co-incidentally, MAG-ic Probe was also able to display measurements on a Smartphone due to a 3rd party app called SIMBLEE for Mobile. Unfortunately this app is no longer available and we are not the developers of this app. The only way to view measurements using the MAG-ic Probe is via a computer and our software. We will be launching a small mobile screen in the near future for those who want to view measurements without a Computer.